Mineral Shimmer - Sparkling White

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Mineral Shimmers can be used as eyeshadow, swept on the skin or hair for a shimmery look OR you can dip your makeup brush in water and paint them on! For eyes, skin...anywhere! Mineral Shimmers can also be added to clear fingernail polish so your nails can perfectly match your makeup!

8-in-1 Mineral Shimmers:

  1. Creamy Shadow – moisten the brush to create richer, more intense eye color that doesn't crease.
  2. Matte Shadow – mix the Shimmer with Bella Terra's Eye Primer for a matte shadow look.
  3. Eyeliner – wet the tip of an eye liner brush and apply around the lash line for high-intensity eye definition.
  4. Lip Color – mix any of our Shimmers with lip balm or lip gloss to create intense lip color.
  5. Nail Polish – add to clear nail polish for a unique nail color that matches your eye shadow.
  6. Body Glitter – mix with body lotion to create an all-over body shimmer.
  7. Mascara – dip clear-color mascara or Bella Terra's Mascara Primer brush into the Shimmer for amazing lash colors.
  8. Hair Streaks – mix a small amount of Shimmer with hair gel and apply to a strand of hair for a funky, streaked look that easily washes off later.

Our ultra fine shimmer drenches your skin with a reflective finish to create an eye-catching chrome effect. It envelopes your skin evenly and does not penetrate into wrinkles and lines, delivering a natural-looking flawless finish that spells perfection.