Mineral Shimmers - 4 Stack

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review
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Mineral Shimmer Makeup Eyeshadow Highlighting Powder - Glitter Metallic Dust for Face, Hair & Nails.

Heat Up Your Look With A Brilliant Sheen! Create Your Own Unique Enchanting Looks. Perfect your evening look and give your face a shimmery glow. This incredibly versatile makeup can be used as an eyeshadow, as a hair highlighter or can be added to clear nail polish to complete your metallic look. The head turning hues and the glamorous shimmer are perfect to get the show-stopping looks you have always wanted. The buildable coverage enables a stronghold which does not smudge, streak or fades all day long. Compact and portable 4 stack packing can be easily slipped in your purse so that you can be red carpet ready anytime and anywhere!

    8-in-1 Mineral Shimmers:

    1. Creamy Shadow – moisten the brush to create richer, more intense eye color that doesn't crease.
    2. Matte Shadow – mix the Shimmer with Bella Terra's Eye Primer for a matte shadow look.
    3. Eyeliner – wet the tip of an eye liner brush and apply around the lash line for high-intensity eye definition.
    4. Lip Color – mix any of our Shimmers with lip balm or lip gloss to create intense lip color.
    5. Nail Polish – add to clear nail polish for a unique nail color that matches your eye shadow.
    6. Body Glitter – mix with body lotion to create an all-over body shimmer.
    7. Mascara – dip clear-color mascara or Bella Terra's Mascara Primer brush into the Shimmer for amazing lash colors.
    8. Hair Streaks – mix a small amount of Shimmer with hair gel and apply to a strand of hair for a funky, streaked look that easily washes off later.

       Mica, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide

      Enhance Your Skin Without The Use Of Toxic Chemicals:

      Our blend is crafted without the use of any harsh chemicals, parabens, abrasive preservatives, fillers or dyes. Gentle formula proves to be non-irritating for all skin types including dry, sensitive and skin prone to Rosacea or Acne.


      • No alcohol, talc, oil, additives, or toxic chemicals
      • No Bismuth Oxychloride (found in some of the leading mineral brands)
      • Hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory with anti-oxidant properties
      • Natural UVA and UVB sun protection (SPF 15)
      • Never tested on animals

      Mineral Based Formulation:

      By switching your products to mineral cosmetics, you can vastly reduce the number of toxins you put on your skin. Our range of beauty products are fortified with four essential minerals: mica, zinc and magnesium. Mineral based makeup not only provides weightless coverage but also improves the health of your skin. The prime ingredients assure that there are no microbes or bacteria formed on the makeup which can infect your skin.