Heat Resistant Travel Pouch for Straighteners and Curlers

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Hot Hair Tool Protection Case - Protects Flat Iron/Curling Iron/Crimper

Holder - Cover for Hair Tools (Black)Curl with convenience. Straighten with safety.

  • No more burnt fingers
  • No more melted plastic
  • No more waiting 20 minutes to pack up

If you use hair tools on a daily or weekly basis, you need The Heat Protectant Travel Pouch!

Cover, protect, and go with the multi-purpose heat-resistant hair tool cover by Kor Professionals.

For Every Day Use!

Here is the 3-in-1 case that every girl should own…

  • Cover your curling iron for travel
  • Store your crimper with safety
  • Heat up your straightener with no damage to your table

This multi-purpose case, cover, and protective mat is essential to making your tools last longer and your fingers staying save.

Protect your Tools at Home

Ceramic and tourmaline – the material most high-end hair tools are made of – are very delicate. To make these expensive products last as long as possible – cover them when not in use!

Scratches, dings, and even humidity wear on the surface and hinges of each tool. The better condition your tool, the better condition your hair.

Protect Your Products on the Go

Did you know that many hair products are sensitive to heat?

Texture spray can separate and spoil.

Mousse & hair spray can lose their binding ions.

High-end oils can dissolve their expensive proteins.

So PLEASE don’t store your expensive hair products in a bag with an uncovered hot- flat iron. You MUST use this protective cover to contain the heat!

Click ‘Add to Cart’ for instant heat protection around your home and on the road.