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The Bella Terra Cosmetics Eyelid Primer is a must for every makeup bag!

Our primers help you achieve a more even application of your favorite Bella Terra Cosmetics Shimmers and will increase longevity, helping your color last throughout your day and well into the night.

Step 1: After washing your face or applying moisturizer, make sure your eye lids are clean and dry.

Step 2: Using your finger or a small, flat brush, pick up a thin layer of primer – not too much.

Step 3: Evenly apply from lid to brow

Step 4: You can apply your eye shadow or pigments right away.

Cycropentalsiloxane, Octyl Palmitate, Syncrowax, Dimethicone, Crosspolymer Iron Oxides, Caster Oil, Liquapar Oil

Longer Lasting Eye Shadow: Keep your eye shadow in place from morning to night, no need to reapply for drinks after work!

Barely-there Feel: Glides on smooth and dries evenly, you won’t feel any sticky residue or heavy weight with this silky primer.

No More Creases: Bare eyelids get greasy and crease your eyeshadow by noon. Primed eyelids absorb oil and stop shadow from settling into wrinkle lines.

Matte Coverage: Like a concealer for your eyes, a skin-toned primer hides veins & conceals dark circles for even color.

More Vibrant Colors: Eye primer creates a clean canvas on your eyelids to enhance the pigment and color of each eyeshadow!